TODAY: second day of the Regulatory Impact Analysis International Symposium – live web-streaming


An International symposium on Regulatory Impact Analysis is being held since yesterday at the European Court of Auditors, in Luxemburg.

Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) has established itself in Europe as a tool for improving legislation and streamlining public decision-making. Its application, which is supported by the OECD and the European Commission, covers a wide range of situations in different countries, in terms of its goals, those who implement it, and the procedures of which it is part.
On each of its two days, the symposium will offer a series of academic presentations followed by a round table during which the issues raised will be discussed with stakeholders from national and European institutions.
The symposium will focus on the analysis of the impact on interinstitutional relations at the executive level, between executive and legislative authorities, and between central and local authorities. It will also identify its place and role in the various mechanisms for improving the preparation and effectiveness of public policies, i.e. reports, studies, ex post evaluations and modes of consultation. Lastly, it will compare practices in different countries and identify acculturation and success factors.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Karpen and Prof. Dr. Patricia Popelier, as well as other board members of IAL will take part in this symposium.

For those who cannot attend this symposium, a live web-streaming of the event is available here.

More information: here


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