Sunset Legislation : Practical Experiences from Korea and the United States – Zurich – 20 November 2017


Sunset legislation is on the political agenda in many countries, namely in Korea, Switzerland and the U.S.A.

A sunset clause or provision  in the North-American legal system is a statutory clause or provision stating that a particular law, agency or benefit, or law will automatically expire on a specific date, unless it is extended by law. (see here)

In Switzerland, there is an ongoing debate whether laws that expire after a certain time will help to restrain the law-making processes.

In this context, the Rechtswissenschaftliches Institut – Zentrum für Rechtsetzungslehre/Institute of Law – Centre for Legislative Studies from the University of Zurich is holding a workshop to discuss this topic on November 20 2017, at 4:30 p.m.

The workshop has been named Sunset Legislation : Practical Experiences from Korea and the United States since Dr. Oksun, Baek, a researcher from the Korea Legislation Research Institute (KLRI) and Professor Dr. Sean J. Kealy, Clinical Associate Professor of Law at the Boston University School of Law, will be sharing their practice and research on sunset legislation at their home countries.

The workshop is co-organized by the University of Zurich, the KLRI and Boston University.

Professor Dr. iur. Felix Uhlmann, who lectures Public and Administrative Law at the Rechtswissenschaftliches Institut and Mr. Rhee, Ik Hyeon, President of the KRLI are both board members of the International Association of Legislation (IAL) and will be opening the conference.  Professor Dr. Sean J. Kealy is also a board member of IAL and Dr. Cha, Hyunsook is a researcher at the KRLI and its contact person for the IAL related issues. (see here)

After the communcations of the speakers, a fruitful debate is expected on sunset legislation.

The workshop is free of charge and no previous registration is required. It will take place at Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zurich, Room RAA-G-01.

Full conference programme: here
More information about the conference: here

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