SSL – SEVAL’s 2017 annual conference


The Swiss Association Society (SSL/SGG) is an organization which aims to develop the legislation drafting in Switzerland. It provides training and organizes scientific conferences on legislation drafting.

The Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL) is an association that promotes the exchange and improvement of evaluation information and experiences between politics, administration, universities, NGOs and the private sector. This association organizes conferences and courses on a regular basis, which allows a constant and active exchange and contribution to strengthen the networks within evaluation.

This year the SSL and the SEVAL are  jointly organising their annual conference on the theme Regulating well: how do we go beyond the slogans and issue efficient laws? The conference takes place in Bern, Switzerland, on the 7th  of September 2017.

By co-hosting the conference, these two associations aim to create a scientific debate on evaluation and better regulation, while highlighting the synergies created by their joint efforts.

This conference aims to refclect on the Swiss regulatory policy. The topics under discussion will be the proceedings and tools to conceive legal dispositions and the proceedings and tools to review them (ex ante and ex post).

Regulating well implies the making of laws which are comprehensible and correct from a legal and formal of view. The designed laws should also pursue the goals of public policy and have a positive impact on the economy and the society.

In this context, evaluation stands out as an important tool to determine the quality of the regulation that is being conceived and to develop both its quality and efficiency.

The key point of the SSL – SEVAL’s  2017 annual conference is to discuss how the law making process theories contribute to the quality of the legislation and how the legislation evaluation contributes to a good regulatory policy.

The SSL – SEVAL’s 2017 annual conference detailed programme can be found here.

Registration can be completed online, from the 15th of May onwards, at the SEVAL’s website.

More information on the SSL – SEVAL’s 2017 annual conference available in German and French.









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